Saturday, May 10, 2014

Connecting People, Images, And Ideas Around The World

So, in class awhile back (this post comes before a lot of my other posts but I was having issues getting the pictures off my phone, I don't have a smart phone) we did this thing called "The Civilization Game", in which we were given some pebbles and then had to make something. Afterwards we had to leave our creation and then allow two other people to come up and alter/add to what was originally created. We also had to leave a note to the next generation telling them what is important about what we originally built. Here is the completed game with the different descriptions.

Luckily for my little sculpture people added to and help build it into a more complex and intricate thing. The people that visited my table were not barbarians destroying what had already been laid down as a foundation, but rather learning from the past generation and planning for the future generation. It was nice to see that people could work together and learn/progress.

This working together to produce something intricate and beautiful really relates to this video that was created a long time ago by a man named Matt Harding. In this video Matt travels around the world to 42 different countries, locals, and cultures to dance with the people or animals/nature that reside there. He then connects all the videos together very carefully with well timed cuts and synchronization with music, to create this beautiful video that focuses on how humans are very different in their customs, but all innately the same (eg. we all like to dance). He worked with thousands of people including those that helped film and edit and most importantly those that he dance in solidarity with. We all want to be part of something great. If not all of these people had come and helped/danced with him then there would be nothing to show, only in collaboration and with group effort could this be made into existence.

In a similar vein, this video about being a lost generation is really inspiring. I love the way it was made and think that it has a very potent message. What's also interesting is that even though this was a commercial made for the USA, the inspiration for the poem and theme came from an Argentinian political campaign in 2006. It just shows you how easily things can connect and affect other things. People around the world with no history or knowledge of each other can build off one another to create and make things, enhancing our world and culture.

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