Sunday, April 6, 2014

From Santa Barbara To Sacramento With A Little Of Colorado

So, today is the day after Deltopia in Santa Barbara and even though I do not participate in the raucous revelries of my fellow classmates, I have heard about all the crazy things that happened. It's amazing how the mob mentality can spread so quickly and cause so much destruction and violence, especially when alcohol and drugs are involved. All of this out of control partying has made me miss my own home town of Sacramento. It never gets this out of hand there and there is always more to do (in my opinion). I will now continue the bragging of my home city with a 3 minute time lapse video by Justin Majeczky showcasing the beauty and liveliness of the Sacramento area. Sacramento Timelapse, stitches together more than 20,000 still photographs taken throughout the region over an 18-month period. Enjoy.

On another note (yet still connected to the idea of drugs and alcohol) Colorado has just recently made it legal to buy recreational pot. Driving while high is still considered driving under the influence and therefore people can receive a DUI. As a response to this, Colorado has created a campaign featuring three commercials that comment on the fact that driving while high is still illegal. Here are those videos, they are expected to air starting Monday.

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