Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A couple WIP Projects

So, this past week has been a week of starting new projects and working to make them better. I'm going to focus on two new developments. The first is a monster drawing that I'm currently still working on for a monster drawing class I'm taking. I still need to finish coloring, shading, and adding a background to the image. Here are two pictures of my monster. Still needs some work =]

Then in a completely different art vein, I have started working on a spoken word piece.It still needs some intense editing, but here is the beginning rough draft. It's meant to be read aloud/performed (and I even have the atmosphere picked out as well), but reading it online will still get the point across. As a quick summary, it's about experiencing blues dancing, something I have come to love.

"Thighs pulsing. Hips swaying. Eyes closed. 

The rhythmic beating of the bass courses through tense bodies. Bodies so infused with hormones, that they leak out of every pore. Pheromones drift lazily around, unaware of their aphordisiatic affect. The need for closeness becomes stronger, wild clasping of partners chaotic, a dance between two mirages into a dance of singularity. The image does not last. There is a break, distance created, yet contact always maintained through the hands. Inertia and movement creates tension in outstretched arms, until the two snap back together like wild magnets.

Now chest to chest, head to head, hearts racing, pounding, exhilaration and fear course through adrenaline drunk veins. The pace increases, breathing becomes heavy while sweat rivulets down lithe spinning bodies. Everyone is unaware of the other couples gyrating around them. Each pair encapsulated in their own music propelled reality. The climax crescendos passionately, thrilling senses, dilating pupils.

The beat begins to slow. Feet move in unison, bodies sway sensually. Thoughts begin to intrude, worry, fear, inadequacy, dislike, attraction. Slowly the two organic machines come to a stop. They step away distancing themselves from intimacy. The trance inducing bass re-starts. Another partner is sought. People always seeking more, more love, more passion, more life. They dance for freedom, they dance for purpose, they just dance.

Thighs pulsing. Hips swaying. Eyes closed..."

I hope the mood I'm trying to portray comes across accurately. I have come to really appreciate the art of dance and spoken word, and I hope that I can fuse the two together nicely. As a parting word, here is a video featuring different styles of dance from A-Z.

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