Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recipe History

So over the weekend I did a lot of baking and cooking. I ended up making two batches of chocolate chip cookies and a batch of sugar cookies. I also made a meatloaf. I work hard in all of the things I make so that they will always be worthy of others enjoyment. As you can see in the pictures, I put a lot of effort into decorating my sugar cookies (even if it is just a temporary thing and will be eaten). I want in those moments before someone eats my cookies to appreciate the time and effort that went into baking them. Because then that reflects back onto me and how I approach things in general in life.

I initially wanted to make a summer jello instead of the sugar cookies, but I had forgotten to get the recipe from my mother. After this realization, I remembered how in one of my art classes we had talked about the evolution of culture and how generations build onto previous generations. This relates to my baking and inability to bake being all based upon having a recipe, a recipe which originally came from my mother who in turn received it from another person.

Recipes definitely have a history. They originate some time in the past and get passed down through the generations. Often times a person will slightly alter a recipe, adding  notes here and there on the side. My mother has done this to the recipes that she has collected over time and now has passed the originally recipes with her added notes onto me.

In this regard she is adding to and refining the recipe. She is not destroying or starting the recipe over from scratch. This is just like how in society we want to try to add to our culture and not just randomly, but in a controlled effort, trying to improve the groundwork that has already been laid.  If my mother had decided to destroy those recipes then we would no longer have any way of making them and they would be lost from our family/culture (which would be a shame because some are quite delicious). This analogy applies to how we should not just go around uprooting past accomplishments just because we can, or just because we think they are bad. Because then we are just losing some of our own history that will never be found again. Instead we should try to add to our current world, just as my mother adds notes to her recipes to improve them (without destroying the original copy).

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