Friday, April 11, 2014

Reality And The World

So in my art class we talked a lot about reality and what exactly it is, and how do we know that we are experiencing reality and not just a dream. This is a question that has plagued man for probably as long as he has been a sentient being with consciousness. How do we know that the reality that we experience is "true" reality and not some sort of illusion or something created in our head alone? Well, as can be expected I immediately thought of The Matrix movie and how it deals with reality. This scene from the movie expresses quite succinctly how we can never truly be sure what "reality" is and that it is purely based upon the synapses in our brain and our experiences.

Morpheus Explains to Neo that what we believe to be true may not always be in fact true. Our brain is easily able to accept this fake reality as if it is the truth. In reverse the movie Sunshine of the Spotless Mind postulates the idea that our minds can forget aspects of reality through our memories. But are we truly still the same human if we do not have all of our experiences intact?  This central quote of the movie begins to paradoxically support the idea that it is good to be free of painful memories, but by the end of the scene (and the movie) that is proved false.

 This movie demonstrates that our reality can be changed through the destruction of memories. Through our lives we create our selves and the culture of ourselves yet when this destruction occurs of our self it affects our entire being as well as our reality and in fact just sets us backwards having to start again from scratch, yet ironic usually ending up in the same situation again. When we become so obsessed with the idea of power and destruction we end up attacking the very things that helped us evolve.  This scene from Star Trek: Into Darkness really captures the fascination that humans have with destruction and savagery.

 Khan is used as a weapon to help create "a stronger" Star fleet, yet because he is so full of savagery and destruction he ends up destroying the very thing that he was hired to protect and help flourish.  Violence and destruction of this scale ended up just setting them all backwards having to restart over again. This can be seen as a warning to humans right now about the consequences of barbarism as world breaking.

To end on a happier note, here is an example of world making through contemporary culture. Even if it is just an April fools joke, this Google video/app demonstrates how a digitally created world could be integrated into our current reality, promoting adventure as well as cooperation. They made a spoof video based on the idea that the world of Pokemon could be integrated into our world through the technology of smart phones. In order to become the best Pokemon master one would have to travel and explore the world capturing the various Pokemon. They are creating a symbiotic relationship between a digital world and our "real" world. Although who knows if this actually is the "real" world?

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