Monday, April 21, 2014

Holy Madness Batman, We're Surrounded By Monsters!

So I have some updates of things that I have been working on. The first is an updated version of the 1st tentacle monster that I posted here. This picture doesn't fully do it justice, but I was having major issues trying to get a good photo of it. I may add some more dramatic shading to it, but this is pretty much the finished form.

The next thing that I have been working on is my plan t monster drawing. We had to make a monster out of a stick and other found materials. Then we had to make some concept sketches from that initial structure and then based off of those concept sketches we made a complete drawing of the creature. After having critique I received some suggestions to make it slightly better, so I still have some compositional elements I have to add to make it even better. But, here is my drawing.

 There is a story to this little guy. He is first off a pet about the size of a Golden Retriever. His name is "Rex" (it says so on his collar, but it may be too small to see). He is male, because only males have the wing-like formations on their backs to try and attract females. And the way these things "sniff" each other out is by feeling/sending one another using the structures on their foreheads. I do still have things to add to this drawing and perhaps I will show the final final drawing, but this is how he stands as of right now. If you want you can try and compare his similarities and dissimilarities to the stick structure I posted previously (although that picture doesn't full showcase his whole body).

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